Welcome to my Abundant Wellness Therapeutic Massage Website! If you’re looking for a professional and therapeutic massage for unwinding and deep relaxation; release and realignment; pain relief from overwork, injury, trauma, depression or anxiety; or rejuvenation and restoration, you have come to the right place! 

GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE ~  $70 for 65 minute Bliss Body Massage; $88 for 88 minute Infinity Massage; 10% welcome may apply.  15% discount when you buy two ~ one for a dear and one for you!

I would be honored to work with you to improve your experience of easeful body, peaceful mind, and blissful vitality.  I know through observation, experience, and studies that our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal themselves  and to find their way hOMe to homeostasis. 

Pain is a message that is pointing the way for you to change something.  Through an easeful, peaceful, and blissful experience your brain will more readily tell your body what to do, and your body will blissfully tell your brain what to do.  The goal for your therapeutic massage experience with me will be for you to reside in your tranquil and blissful body.

Early WINTER SCHEDULE:  Locations & Dates:    

Islesboro Community Center:   December 15, 16,  17

January dates are to be determined.   Please phone or text: 381-7943 or gmail: awmybodyworks@gmail.com with inquiries for January asap to help me set my dates!  

Bethel ~ 14 Main Street ~   Dec. 11, 12, 13;  18, 19, 20

I am a licensed massage therapist trained in a variety of modalities, which you can read more about in the "About Me" section.  As well as tissue softening, I have a structural, postural, and functional bodywork emphasis.  In just one session you may feel openings and a strengthening of your pathways to wellness.  

You can explore the "Services & Rates" page to learn more about the various techniques I use in my work and the cost per session.  I offer 4 - session and 10 - session packages that allow you an option of massage for your wellness maintenance plan.

Abundant Wellness <> All Around Wellness <> is a Planet<>People<>Profit model business, which views each action through the lens of environmental consciousness and stewardship.  You may read more about this business model in the "About Me" tab.


SPECIALS through January 10, 2019:  $60 Bliss Body session x two sessions = $120 for two ~ one for a dear and one for you!  Your first visit includes a free soothing foot soak, Health History and treatment plan.   *4-pack Specials:  4 "Bliss Body" massages x 65 minutes = $260.   *4* 75-Minute Massages =$290. "Infinity Massages" x 88 minutes = $320.  *10-pack Specials:  10 "Bliss" x 65 mins = $630.  *10 "Infinity" x 88 mins = $780.     *10-pack "Teacher's Bliss": 10 x 65 minutes = $600.       *10-pk "Teacher's Infinity": 10 x 88= $750. 

Outcalls:  December and January Specials:  10% off each massage for your hOMe visit when 3 or 4 family members book together at one hearth.    3 or more rate = $63. (65 minute Bliss Body massage) or $72.  (75 minute massage).  *Travel fee may apply.

Massage therapy may open the pathways to healing the interconnections of mind <> body <> emotions <> spirit <> relationship <> social functioning and wellness.  Abundant Wellness will provide support for your actions for your radiant wellness!  4 or 10 visits may best support your personal wellness plan and re-set your belief in your abundant health and wellness.

If you would like to set up an appointment with me, click on "Contact Me" and send me a message. I will write to you or call you back (please let me know if you prefer a call) to confirm the details of your appointment and to answer any questions you might have.   

Thank you for visiting!   ~ Kara Masters Siekman <> Abundant Wellness <> All Around Wellness